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Beware of the thieves


One of the country's leading installers offer a very basic monitored system for £99, which only covers 2 rooms and the front door, and only comes with an internal siren (and a bright yellow & blue Dummy bell box for show outside).


£99 sounds great but then you have enter into a 36 month contract at £24+ a month, and then you still don't own the system. Total cost over 3 years is over £950


We could install a more versatile system to cover the same rooms, but with internal and external sirens, for £350, and if you chose to have servicing and monitoring we could offer an equivalent package for an ANNUAL (not monthly) fee of less than £120 - Total cost over 3 years is less then £710, and you own the system from day one.



Look At The Details


What are you getting when you sign up for your £99 (or realistically £950) alarm with the national supplier?

  • 2x Wireless Pet friendly Passive infrared movement sensors
  • 1x Wireless door contact
  • 1x Control panel with internal keypad & internal sounder
  • 4x Remote keyfobs (to set and un-set the system)
  • 1x External dummy bell box (with little blue lights that flash 24hrs a day)
  • Servicing & Maintenance
  • 24/7 Monitoring with keyholder response
  • And if you are really lucky they'll have a deal to get a free Chinese Tablet PC (worth £80)


This system can be upgraded to a maximum of 7 detectors (3 of which you get with the kit),

each upgrade costs a minimum of £50 and then an additional £0.50 per month on you contract



What do you get with our equivalent system for £710?

  • 2x Wireless Pet friendly Passive infrared movement sensors
  • 1x wireless door contact
  • 1x Control panel with internal keypad & internal sounder
  • 2x Remote keyfobs (additional fobs are less then £18)
  • 2x Proximity tags (also to set and un-set the system, but less weighty on the keyring)
  • 1x External Bell box, which does make a loud noise
  • Servicing & Maintenance
  • 24/7 Monitoring The Keyholder response
  • And we don't need gimmicks, so you won't get a tablet computer - Sorry!

This system can be upgraded to a maximum of 28 detectors (3 of which you get with the kit)

Each upgrade is a minimum £35, with no additional annual charge.



How do you know our system will work as well (or better) than theirs?


Well this is a good question, but in truth they are the same system, manufactured by the same company. The only difference is that the national supplier buy so many they are able to get their own branding and firmware fitted to the control panel. This means it looks like their own equipment and it works with their own restrictions, meaning only their engineers can work on it.


When we supply it, you own it, so you have full access to it and you can also have it set up the way you want it to operate.



So, great, can I buy this system from you then?


NO!....    What I mean is of course you can, but is this system right for you? Are two motion detectors and a door contact really worth having?


And to put it another way, why would we sell you an alarm system and then charge you to monitor it and call you up when the alarm has been triggered, when the system is capable of calling you with a recorded message or text message anyway? (as standard with our system above)


We don't sell you an off the self package as we all have different houses, with different levels of risk from attack and we all live our lives differently.



For less than £700 we could install a fully wired alarm system with 3 times as many detectors with self monitoring and 3 years servicing. Great reliability, no batteries to change and piece of mind.


But the emphasis is on installing the right system for you, Hence why we feel that this national company are as bad as the thieves by selling something that really does nothing, including deterring a burglar who knows how to get around their system.


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