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We have a great deal of experience rewiring houses and can advise you on the process that needs to be under taken.


A house rewire is probably the single most intrusive works you are ever likely to have done to your home. It is not something you should consider lightly, but in most cases it is essential work that needs to be carried out, and if your electrical installation is more than 50years old then there is no question that something will have to be done.


We get asked a lot of questions about what we do and what we expect from you when we do this work. So we have listed a few of the most common below.


Q: How Long will it take?

A: This can depend on many things, including:-

  • How big the property is
  • How easy it is to access the walls and the floor and loft spaces
  • How much chasing need to be done (Cutting of channels in the walls to hide the wires)
  • Whether the property is empty or lived in


On average a 3 bedroom house will take about a week to complete the electrical side of things, but then a plasterer will need to fill in the holes and a decorator will then have to come in after that.



Q: How much will it cost?

A: This also depends on many factors like how many lights and sockets you want and how big the property is. So without a site visit and without meeting you to discuss your requirements then we can't really answer this question.

But from a budgeting point of view a standard rewire of a three bedroom property comes in somewhere between £1800 - £3000, plus the cost of plastering and decorating being about £800.



Q: Can we still live in the house while the work is done?

A: Yes, but we don't recommend it, as it will take longer and there will be a lot of mess.


During the process of completing a rewire we need access to floor spaces which means floorboard up. It is quicker and easier to open up the floor in multiple rooms at the same time and leave them open throughout the works. If you are living i the property we then need to make all these areas safe and tidy up at the end of each day. This obviously adds time to the job.


Also if a rewire is done properly then all the cabling needs to be hidden from view and this will normally in-tail cutting into the walls everywhere a socket or a switch needs to be fitted. We do use the latest power tools with dust extraction fitted, but even with the best equipment there is still going to be a lot of dust.



Q: If we stay in the house while the works takes place will we still be able to have electric in the house?

A: Yes. We are one of the few companies that have dedicated equipment which we install on the first day that can provide essential power and lighting in most rooms for the duration of the work. This allows the old wiring to be disconnected and safe while we are working. On the last day of the work we remove the temporary power supplies and reconnect the house supply to the new installation.


Please be aware that to do this we will need to run some cables around the house, and although we do try to do this safely there may be some cables around that are potential trip hazards.



Q: Do you need to get into every room in the house?

A: YES. If we are contracted to perform a complete rewire then we need to get to all the existing electrical fixtures and also to anywhere you would like any additional fixtures. We also need to get to where the cables run, this might be the loft, garage, etc.



Q: How Much Mess will you make?

A: As little as possible, but this is still very messy. Brick dust is very fine and coats everything, and because we are working in every room the dust does tend to spread, and however clean we try to be there will always be dust.



Q: Do you do the plastering after you have finished?

A: No, but we can arrange thing for you.



Q: Do you only supply new sockets and switches or are you going to use the old ones?

A: Unless you have fairly new sockets and switches and would prefer to keep them we will supply new ones. We prefer that everything is new so then we are able to guarantee our work.



Q: Does your work come with any guarantee?

A: Yes. As registered electricians with the NICEIC all our work that we notify to Building control come with the NICEICs insurance backed warranty. This means that even if we were go out of business (Which we don't plan to) you will still be covered should you have any problems in the first few years. All house rewires are notifiable to the local building control office, which we will do for you.



Q: So what do we need to do to prepare for the work?

A: Although it's not always practical we would like as much space as possible. So if you have a garage then store as much as possible in there. Although if the new consumer unit is going to be located in here then we need enough room to be able to work around here.

Any large furniture needs to be away from the walls that are going to have electrical fixtures on them, but refrain from putting it all in the middle of the room as this is likely to be where the lights are.


We recommend that on the weeks leading up to the rewire that you use up a lot of your stored food as the dust does tent to coat everything, and there is nothing worst than wasting food.


Pets. Please be aware that most pets don't like the noise and the dust. So it would be worth making arrangements for someone to look after them for the duration of the works.



Q: Can you do a house rewire without having to chase into the walls?

A: Possibly. If your house was originally wired with the cables in a loose fitting conduit then we could pull the new wires through these, but it is rare that we come across houses that are this easy.

The only other option to install electrics without chasing is to run the cables on the surface in trunking or conduit, and in our opinion this looks untidy and is more of an option for council run houses.


Q: Do you just replace the existing electrical fixtures or can we have extras?

A: Before we plan any of the works we take time to discuss with you your own requirements as we are putting in a whole new installation and we don't even need to put any sockets and switches into their old locations if you would prefer them somewhere else.

We will also make recommendations based on our experience and looking to the future what might be worth adding to the installation. As this is such a big upheaval to the house take the time to make sure any additions you might like for the future have been incorporated.


One word of warning though, if the house only has a 60amp supply then we can only design the installation based on this, so you may not be able to have everything you dream of without getting the network distribution operator to upgrade your supply.



Q: Can we choose our own light fittings?

A: Of Course, you can choose any of the electrical fixtures you would like, so if you want big chandeliers or polished chrome socket faces then we can fit them. If you have seen something you like then you are more than welcome to purchase it yourself and we can fit it for you.


We do however have to comply with energy efficient lighting regulations required by the Building control officer. Generally all new installations (including rewires) will require LED (or at least eco-friendly) lighting throughout the house. We can advise you on how we do this.



Full or Partial House Rewires

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