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Intruder (Burglar) Alarms

Switched On Electrical Services have many years experience installing and upgrading intruder alarm systems. We can design installations to suit any domestic or commercial premises, from basic intruder detection to fully monitored systems with integrated smoke and/or heat detectors.


We always start by listening to your requirements and designing a system to suit your needs. We will sit own with you and explain how our proposed system(s) work and make sure you understand the differences between all the systems available.


Value for Money


It is always a good idea to compare the specifications of systems on the market. Many larger companies will only offer one or two stock systems, which might do the job, but may have hidden costs for services you just don't need.




Beware of the thieves

Not just the ones that break into you house


One of the country's leading installers offer a very basic monitored system for £99, which only covers 2 rooms and the front door, and only comes with an internal siren (and a bright yellow & blue Dummy bell box for show outside).


£99 sounds great but then you have to enter into a 36 month contract at £24+ a month, and then you still don't own the system. Total cost over 3 years is over £950


We could install a more versatile system to cover the same rooms, but with internal and external sirens, for £350. With our 18 month warranty and basic call out charges after that there is a huge saving to be made.


You then also need to ask yourself if two rooms is enough coverage. We recommend a visit from one of our team to discuss your requirements before you make that desission.


CLICK HERE read more about how we compare


Up until a few years ago we always recommended fully wired alarm systems. They were the only way to get the security and reliability for a sensible price. With advances in technology and integration of multiple systems we are now able to offer really competitive rates on wired and wireless alarm systems.


With the systems we offer you can have as much or as little of the system wireless. With longer battery life most alarm system detectors will run for more than two years without the need for battery changes, but don't worry, the systems constantly monitor battery levels and will tell you when it's time replace them.

So you can now have detectors anywhere, including in the shed or garage without the need for wires.


All the systems we recommend and install are secure and feature tamper protection, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing you're protected.



We tend not to install DIY alarm systems, which are increasingly becoming wireless, as although they are simple to install they are also simple for a potential intruder to overcome before freely walking around your property should they want to.



The systems available


We are Texecom registered installers, but we also regularly install Honeywell, Pyronix and Visonic systems.


There are many different systems available, but they all have similar components.

  • Control Panel - "The Brains" - normally hidden from view but is where all the wires lead to.
  • Key Pad - For setting and un-setting the alarm - Located by one or more entry doors.
  • Door Contact - most often used on doors and windows to alert when they're opened
  • PIR detectors - for detecting intruders - Located as required to give maximum protection
  • External Bell Box - The Noisy Bit - Located on a visible side of the exterior of the property
  • Optional Smart Home integration - Secure WiFi connection to your smart phone, wherever you are, to monitor the alarm 24/7. Also allows connection to other smart devices. so your alarm sensors can turn on lights or music and much more.

Click here to find out more about smart alarms.


Other products available to fit most of the systems we supply are:

  • Contact-less proximity key fobs - Used by the consumer to simply set and unset the system without having to key in a code.
  • Break Glass detectors - often mounted in conservatories
  • Vibration detectors - Mounted on walls or ceiling where access may be gained
  • Dual technology PIR detectors - These use microwaves as well as PIR (Passive infrared), with double detection there is less likely to be a false alarm.
  • Smoke and Heat detectors - Used to alert you and your neighbours to the outbreak of fire
  • Carbon monoxide detection - A must for any house with gas central heating.
  • Wireless components - Many professional alarm system now offer very secure wireless components, including PIRs, Door contacts, Remote controls, etc. These are not to be confused with DIY systems. These have secure features that are designed for professional installation and have 2- 3 year battery life’s.
  • Speech Dialer - Calls you to let you know the alarm has been activated
  • Digital Communicator - for sending text messages about the system (including activation) but also used for more advanced systems allowing remote monitoring, diagnostics and smart home interaction.




Annual Servicing and Maintenance Contracts


We don't offer a service contract as such. Many of the big name alarm suppliers have a low installation cost but tie you into a long service contract. Although we do recommend basic maintenance be carried out regularly, a service contract is not essential.

This said, some insurance companies will offer a lower premium if you have an alarm that meets their specification and you can prove you have a service contract on it. Generally the saving is minimal, but we can offer a service contract for this purpose.

We also offer a warranty on all our alarm installations for 18 months, which covers parts and labour (But not batteries on wireless systems)


What maintenance is required?

All the motion detectors should be cleaned regularly on the outside, but sometimes dust can get inside, so an engineer may need to have a look at the system if you think you may have had false triggering.

All alarm systems (Whether wired or wireless) will have a backup battery in the main control panel, so will continue working even during a power cut. The same is true for the sounder on the wall outside. As these batteries are constantly being charged it is recommended these be changed every 5 years.

This generally can only be done by and engineer.

An average cost for the battery changes and health check of the system is £85.00, once every 5 years. This is a big saving on a service contract.



Alarm activation monitoring


Although we can offer deals with alarm monitoring companies, this is becoming quite outdated for the domestic market. Generally you have to have a very high grade alarm and pay a high premium if you want a Police response. So in most cases the monitoring company will ring you instead.

But these days most alarms are capable of doing this without third party intervention. You can receive text or phone alerts telling you what's going on with the alarm 24/7 without an additional cost. In fact most alarms now have smart home integration, with apps for your mobile phone so you can control more than just the alarm from it.


Click here to find out more about smart alarms.


We have agreements with 2 monitoring companies who are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to alarm activations. For an annual fee they will monitor all activations of you alarm and contact you or your key holder(s) to investigate the activation. With some of our systems they are also able to confirm an intruder by monitoring how many detectors have been activated. Depending on the service you sign up for they may also call the Police to attend if they confirm an intruder.


We offer several packages for monitoring and annual maintenance. Please contact us for more detail.


For more information or to arrange a free no obligation quotation please call today.  01462 730895



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